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What Chaotic Flux is meant to be

Chaotic Flux is meant to be a very creative and groundbreaking experience. It pushes boundaries beyond traditional comic books, while showing how awesome comic books can be, both visually and narratively. It’s about great heroes being pushed to the very edge and doing whatever it takes to overcome the greatest odds and the most devastating threats. In the end, nothing and no one will be the same. Overall all it’s a great journey about hope and raw human emotion.


Intended for mature readers who enjoy stories that build to emotional impacts about well fleshed out and interesting characters with complex backstories and worlds. Told through deep drama and extreme action, with massive battles and deep human connections. It’s meant for readers who want to feel something strong when they dive into a comic book story.

If that's you, then you're in the right place.


Chaotic Flux is planned as an ongoing series, that will span many issues.

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Chaotic Flux - Young Zithara looks on as Zeyden rips apart 3 Order of the Purging Hand soldiers with his devastating power.

Overall synopsis and
main characters

Chaotic Flux - A sudden or abrupt unnatural event, causing a massive imbalance to an entire ecosystem.

In the year 2179, nearly 20 years after barely being saved in time by our new alien allies, the Zekerin, from a devastating Vorrak alien invasion and suffering from worldwide environmental disasters, human life has been dwindled down by the billions. Humankind is on the brink of extinction.

Sorin, the pilot of a prototype exoskeletal battle suit called The Reaper, is thrown into a fight for his life after his city is raided by a plague of mutant abominations know as Dreadfiends.

In an effort to curb global famine a new nutrient-rich food source is created by intense animal DNA splicing. Resulting in the accidental creation of the Dreadfiends. Horrific beasts able to quickly reproduce, they soon rapidly spread across the land, devouring any life-form they can find.

Sorin embarks on a journey to find his weapon designer grandfather, John, and his lost love, Nellaria. Sorin eventually becomes the leader of a mixed super team known as The Crimson Flame. They will fight to the very end as humanity’s last hope to save us all. Pushed to their absolute limits, the team will endure great turmoil and loss along the way.

This unique group of warriors will consist of:

Zithara, an alien hybrid, with the ability to form crystal-like shards at will. She will be forced to face her dark past and the evil threat that still lingers on, to finally come to terms with what she is, who she has become, and what she must be.

Strife, an amazingly resourceful and self-reconstructing battle robot, will learn through his new friend Sorin how to be a great ally to all humanity. Strife is a vital key to winning this war.

Garadith is a eight-foot-tall powerhouse of a swordsman with a powerful double bladed transforming sword. He will learn the hard way that there is much more to this world than blind rage and revenge, that the most powerful strength can be found in the most unexpected places.

Nellaria, Sorin’s heart, is a fire berserker battle mage. They share a distant and forbidden deep love for one another, that is hindered by a small misunderstanding.

Pagan is a powerful nature mage. He pushed his children, Nellaria and Gabriel, to be the best mages they could be for the great war that he believed was coming. His fear drove his loss of compassion for them and he ultimately pushed his son, Gabriel, to make the greatest mistake of all…

Malakar, an entity made of pure dark energy, created from the dark hearts of humankind. Malakar hates his own existence, as an immortal, he believes that ending all human life is the only way to finally end his torment. Malakar must possess a human to interact with our realm and he chooses a young man named Gabriel. Through Gabriel, Malakar becomes a black mage sword summoner. Who’s devastating power appears to be unlimited.

They will be beaten, broken, and shattered to their very core but together The Crimson Flame must do whatever it takes to keep the dying light of humanity from being extinguished for good. A flame born from the blood of their enemies, they are the shining beacon of hope. They are The Crimson Flame.

Chaotic Flux - Covered in blood, Zithara is in shock after seeing 3 Dreadfiends feeding on a dead body.

Chaotic Flux #1:
Aliens Vs. Monsters part 1 of 2

Faced with a pack of deadly flesh devouring Dreadfiends for the first time Zithara, an alien hybrid with powerful and unique gifts, is reminded of how scary her young life had been.

She must give her all and rediscover herself to stave off horrible monsters, both past and present.

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Chaotic Flux - Zithara just barely dodges out of the way in time as a Dreadfiend slashes it's huge claw through the wall behind her.
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