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Chaotic Flux is a mature rated, ongoing, dark Sci-Fi,

horror, fantasy, action-adventure series.


In the distant future an exosuit pilot must unite a ragtag group of very unique warriors to save the dying earth from a plague of mutant abominations and a genocidal dark entity born of the hatred of all humankind.


Chaotic Flux #1 - 10-page preview below.

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Created/Written by - Scott Payne

Line art - Brian Balondo

Colors - Bryan Arfel Magnaye

Lettering - Matt Bowers

Logo - Anne Hutchison

Chaotic Flux going forward will be lettered by Janelle Murphy


Chaotic Flux #2 - 14-page preview and trailer below.

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Cat Wyatt of WordoftheNerdOnline.com

Chaotic Flux #1 - 8.8 out of 10


"A fascinating and exciting read."

Clare Hemsworth of FANdemoniumNetwork.com

"I don't think this  art would look out place in a book from one of the Big 2."

Steven Leitman of

Reading with a flight Ring

"The background information leading into the present story is among some really good strong examples of understanding how a story should flow."

Sharp Edge Comics was founded in August of 2018 by Scott Payne. It is an independent comic book production company dedicated to creating emotionally powerful character-driven comic books, that take place in highly imaginative worlds.

We are dedicated to comic books that raise the bar, break new ground, and challenge the human imagination. Go big or go home.

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Chaotic Flux - Sorin is assuring Zithara that they can survive the coming battle together.

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